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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Passion Of Being A Blue

Everton have always been one of the best supported clubs in football with good home attendances despite thousands of seats at their Goodison Park stadium having restricted views.

We enjoy phenomenal support away from home both in this country and the world over.

Everton regularly take a large following of supporters away from home despite the high price of tickets and cost of travelling to matches being ludicrously high.

Everton fans have gone to great lengths to support their team from hitching lifts on motorways to taking over European city centres when playing there. Evertonians often receiving high praise for their support of the team and behaviour and are often acknowledged as being a credit to their city.

Football is a religion on Merseyside and fans will do anything to support their team whether it be Everton or Liverpool. Years ago Everton fans would wait outside and scale the walls of their Bellefield training ground for autographs and a glimpse of their heroes.

Everton fans love to see local and home grown players in the team and are never afraid to tell the players when they fall short of these standards.

Eddie Cavanagh
We've have had our fair share of fans invading the pitch over the years including the 1996 FA Cup Final against Sheffield Wednesday when an Eddie Cavanagh famously felled the chasing police officers before eventually being rugby tackled to the ground.

Eddie was actually on the books at Everton as a player when he was younger and followed us all over the place. His daughter Andrea said "Everton was his world. He ate, slept and dreamt football - everything was about Everton. Even in his house everything was blue - everything.

“He fitted blue light bulbs and we weren’t even allowed to have tomato ketchup (what with it being red!). That’s how bad he was."

"He wouldn’t even go to Anfield. They were the only games he missed. He wouldn’t set foot near ‘that place’. But going here, there and everywhere on the trains to watch Everton - they were the good old days to me Dad."

Giving 100% For The Shirt
In an incident during the 2000/01 season where during a game against Arsenal a fan came on the pitch and offered him his own t-shirt, signalling that Nyarko wasn't good enough to wear the colours of Everton.

After the fan was escorted by police, Nyarko requested to be substituted and transferred

Nyarko was soon after loaned out and later returned for a brief spell at Everton.

Nyarko was not hated by fans and my heart goes out to him seeing him in that photograph but anybody who was there that day will testify that as soon as the teams were read out there was little optimism amongst the travelling Evertonians that we would get much from the Game, However we do expect total commitment and a pride to play in a royal blue jersey.

Johnson Mobbed
In 2006 after a friendly game against Bury new Everton signing Andy Johnson was mobbed by fans on the pitch afterwards with teammate Phil Neville saying "We said to Andy once he came off - welcome to Everton!

The fans love their players and if they see him giving 110 per cent, then that's what they will do to you.

"They nicked his boots, they nicked his shorts and they nicked his shirt at the end. They have taken him into their hearts already. Everyone is happy, and the fans have gone home happy too."

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