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Monday, 17 August 2015

The Park End Stand

At the south end of the ground, behind one goal, the Park Stand backs onto Walton Lane which borders Stanley Park.

The name of the stand was originally the Stanley Park End but it's commonly referred to as the Park End. The single tiered stand broke from the multi-tiered tradition of Goodison Park. The Park End has the smallest capacity at Goodison Park.

The current layout of the stand was opened on 17 September 1994 with a capacity of 5,922.

It was opened by David Hunt, a Member of Parliament. During the structure's development, fans were able to watch matches by climbing trees in neighbouring Stanley Park.

In the late 1970s and 1980s the stand accommodated the away fans. Previously it was open to home supporters.

The lower tier of the old stand was terracing and this was closed off by the turn of the 1980s due to it being a fire hazard as the terracing steps were wooden. The front concrete terracing remained and was one of the last standing areas at a Premiership ground.

During the 1960s and 1970s, both ends of the ground featured a large semicircle behind the goals.

The area around Goodison Park when built was a dense area full of terraced housing, and Goodison Avenue behind the Park End stand was no different.

Oddly housing was built right in to the stand itself (as shown on old photographs of Goodison and in programmes).

The club had previously owned many of the houses on the road and rented them to players.

One of the players to live there, Dixie Dean later had a statue erected in his honour near the Park End on Walton Lane.

By the 1990s the club had demolished virtually the whole street and this coincided with the redevelopment of the Park End stand. However at present the majority of the land is now an open car park.

The Park End scoreboard was covered up in 2011 and replaced with sponsors logos with Everton preferring to use the big screens much to the annoyance of some fans whose vantage point of the big screens meant they had to invest in a new pair of glasses to see how long was left to play!

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