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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Where Is Everton?

Everton is a district of Liverpool, in Merseyside, England and a Liverpool City Council ward. At the 2001 Census the population was recorded as 7,398.

The name Everton is derived from the Saxon word eofor which meant "wild boar that lived in forests".
Everton is an inner city area located just north of Liverpool city centre, with Vauxhall to the west, Kirkdale to the north and Anfield to the north east.

The Liverpool entrance to the Kingsway Tunnel is located near the boundaries of this area. Everton consists of mainly council houses, generally more modern terraced homes and is statistically one of the most deprived areas of the city.

Urban clearance during the 1960s and 1970s, followed by the creation of Everton Park, changed the face of the area and some parts have never recovered.

"Project Jennifer" is a scheme to breathe new life in to run down parts of Everton centered around Great Homer Street including a revamped 'Greaty' market. Already the NSPCC Hargreaves Centre (named after locally born benefactor John Hargreaves) was opened in May 2007 on the site of the former indoor market.

History Of The Place
Everton is an ancient settlement and like Liverpool, was one of the six un-named berewicks of West Derby. Until the late 18th century Everton was a small rural parish of Walton-on-the-Hill, but the rise in wealth of nearby Liverpool pushed wealthier merchants further afield to live.

By the early 19th century however an increase in slums and demand for housing saw Everton began to be built up and in 1835, Everton became part of Liverpool.

Noted author Thomas de Quincy lived in Everton for some time in the early 19th century.

Along with neighboring Vauxhall, Everton traditionally housed the city's Irish, Italian and Polish immigrants. Everton was to be the original site for the building of the Metropolitan Cathedral on St.Domingo road but this was abandoned because of financial constraints.

The Cathedral was eventually located in the city centre close to the southern edge of Everton.

The book "Her Benny" by Silas Hocking was mainly set in Everton and dealt with child poverty in the early 1900's.

The Everton Connection
The football club Everton F.C. is named after the area, which was the location of St. Domingo's Church; St. Domingo's being the original name of the club.
The district is also the location of the team's crest image, an old bridewell known as Prince Rupert's Tower. Barker and Dobson, a local sweet manufacturer, introduced "Everton Mints" to honour Everton football club.

Ironically, Everton F.C. have never actually played in the area. Their first three homes were located in Anfield including Stanley Park and since 1892 at Goodison Park in the area of Walton. In addition, Everton Cemetery is also not located in Everton, it lies further north-east in the district of Fazakerley.


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