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Thursday, 3 November 2011


Everton’s most famous nickname is The Toffees. This was because of the toffee lady who used to give out toffees to fans inside Everton’s ground to drum up some business for her Toffee shop.

Other nicknames include The Blues because of the colour of the clubs shirt and The Peoples Club, a phrase coined by manager David Moyes upon his arrival at the club claiming every person he had met on the street in the days before signing was an Everton fan.

Way back Everton were also nicknamed The Black Watch because of their black jerseys dating back to when the club were first formed.

During the reign of chairman John Moore’s Everton were know as The Mersey Millionaires because of his well known wealth and Everton’s ability to break the bank when they needed to.


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Welcome to We Love You Everton - A Blog made for supporters of Everton Football Club

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