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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Pub Guide

The Winslow
The Winslow pub is located on Goodison Road right next to Everton’s ground and is probably the most famous Everton pub. In the past it was host to the Independent Blues supporters Club who frequently had special Everton events which even included some of the then players.

The Brick
The Brick pub on County Road is another real Everton fans pub and the pubs flag was frequently spotted around Europe during Everton’s European campaign.

The Royal Oak
The Oak as some Everton fans call it is on Walton Road and is usually a very busy pub on matchdays.

The Thomas Frost
Also known as the Wetherspoons, The Thomas Frost pub on Walton Road is a busy pub for fans on a matchday and is located more or less opposite the drive through McDonalds.

The pub is located on Carisbrooke Road opposite the old Bus Depot.

Welcome to We Love You Everton - A Blog made for supporters of Everton Football Club

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