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Thursday, 3 November 2011


The Hillsborough Disaster was a human crush that occurred on 15 April 1989 at Hillsborough, a football stadium, the home of Sheffield Wednesday F.C. in Sheffield, England, resulting in the deaths of 96 people, all fans of Liverpool F.C.

The match, an FA Cup semi-final tie between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, was abandoned seven minutes into the game.

The inquiry into the disaster, the Taylor Report, named the cause as failure of police control, and resulted in the conversion of many football stadiums in the United Kingdom to all-seater and the removal of barriers at the front of stands.

The Hillsborough disaster touched not only Liverpool themselves, but also clubs in England and around the world as well. For example Everton fans laid down flowers and blue & white scarves to show their respect for the dead and unity with their fellow Merseysiders shortly after the tragedy.

It is said that when Anfield was opened as a memorial after the tragedy, the very first tribute laid was an Everton Scarf.

Also a chain of red and blue scarves were linked between the gates of both grounds across Stanley Park as a tribute to the Liverpool fans killed in the disaster.

Welcome to We Love You Everton - A Blog made for supporters of Everton Football Club

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