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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Z - Cars

Z-Cars is the music that the Everton team runs out to when they play their home games at Goodison Park.

The music was the theme tune for the police themed television programme based in nearby Kirkby called Z-Cars.

The tune itself is from an old Liverpool based sea shanty called Johnny Todd.

Everton have ran out to the tune since the 1960's, and other clubs have until fairly recently including Sunderland and Watford used Z-Cars to run out to inspired by hearing it at Everton.

In the 1990’s then chairman Peter Johnson attempted to get rid of Z-Cars in favour of more modern music. This caused uproar and Z-Cars was soon reinstated.

In recent times Z-Cars has been cut short due to the Premier League anthem that is played at every Premier League ground prior to kick off.

Z-Cars is available to buy at the club shop and several attempts have been made to produce a more modern version of the tune but have failed to live up to the original.

The music is popular with fans, many using it as a ringtone on their mobile telephones.


  1. Well firstly, that plonker Johnson wanting to get rid of Z Cars? Sorry you tosspot, no one gets rid of that, that's the Blues, that stays forever. Besides, he's a Liverpool fan anyway, no wonder he wanted to get rid of it, fat useless bastard.
    I know other more recent versions have been attempted, but remakes never equal originals, and the best version for me was the one we hear at the beginning of, 'The Official History Of Everton', on VHS tape. For the DVD, we got, 'It's A Grand Old Team', which is just not Everton as far as I am concerned. How the hell do you replace Z Cars with that mediocre copy from Glasgow Celtic's original? Total junk in my opinion, and they should stop playing that at Goodison, it doesn't suit us. I've got used to it, we all have, but it's garbage, Z Cars forever.


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