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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Everton On The Telly

Everton have had numerous appearances on the television over the years including the BBC drama The Golden Vision.

The Golden Vision told the story of Everton fans making their way down to Wembley and paying homage to the golden vision otherwise known as Everton’s Scottish star of the time player Alex Young.

- Several Everton players have appeared on BBC’s A Question Of Sport including Paul Gascoigne and Gary Speed.

- Everton are also mentioned in the film Fever Pitch when the main character is playing Subbuteo.

- In the Liverpool based soap opera Brookside characters were made to change their allegiance of football team depending on who they supported, for example several Everton supporting actors were made to sport Liverpool F.C insignia.

- Z-Cars was an old police drama which was set in Kirkby and it's also where Everton got their famous Z-Cars music from which the team still runs out to.

- The Ballad Of Dixie And Kenny is a Comedy film looking at the tongue in cheek relationship between Everton and Liverpool supporting neighbours.

- Perhaps the oddest Everton related TV connection was on dark comedy The League of Gentlemen. A baying mob was seen in the town, one of them wearing the old 1994-95 away top!

The Scousers a comedy sketch from Harry Enfield's Television Programme in the early 1990s featured three stereotypical scousers one of which was an Everton fan.

Everton chairman Bill Kenwright was once cast as a Liverpool supporter while appearing in local comedy The Liver Birds.

Everton have also been mentioned on Alf Garnett’s Till Death Us Do Part with chairman Alf sharing his view on Everton and Liverpool fans and why Goodison and Anfield are always full!

There have even been reports that Phil Mitchel of Eastenders fame is a closet Everton fan after the following graffiti below  appeared on a whiteboard inside his garage in one episode.

More recently Leon of Channel 4's Gogglebox programme has spread the word of Everton and can often be seen drinking from his Everton themed mug or wearing his Everton Christmas hat when it's getting closer to the festive season.

Everton's Goodison Park Stadium and supporters were also used as the backdrop to scenes in the latest Rocky film Creed. Camera's panned around the stadium at half time at Goodison to film these scenes to the bemusement of many.

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