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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fans Favourite Everton Players

Below are a few of the more recent Everton fans favourite players.

Obviously they can’t be everybody’s favourites but the players below all had their own different styles, personas and little eccentricities which have made them big favourites with a lot of Evertonians.

Duncan Ferguson

Became the darling of the Gwladys Street after joining us on loan from Rangers and instantly becoming a hit amongst Evertonians scoring against Liverpool and Man United. Fans loved the passionate way he played and showed his appreciation toward the Everton fans.

The press were always quick to jump on the bandwagon when Ferguson stepped out of line but little was known or reported on the big mans Charity work and time he took out for the fans to sign autographs etc.

Click here for a full profile of Big Dunc 

Funny Dunc Moment: Throwing Paul Ince to the ground in the Merseyside derby and dunking supposed tough man Sol Campbell over after he tried to tackle down the big man! 

Nicknames: Big Dunc, Duncan The King, The Dunc, Big Man 

One way he adhered himself to Everton: Getting the number nine tattooed on his arm. 

Favourite Song: Duncan is our hero, he wears the number nine. He wears it when he’s playing; he wears it all the time. He wears it in the shower; he wears it on his nest! Duncan is our hero, he is the f***in best!

Thomas Gravesen

Wasn’t every Evertonians favourite who regarded him a bit of a headless chicken running around chasing everything, but to others that was the exact reason why they loved him! “Oh Tommy, Tommy” was the chant from the fans to who Tommy would usually acknowledge with a clenched fist and a smile.

Gravesen soon showed his doubters what a great and skilled footballer he was which alerted many of Europe’s giants including Real Madrid who he eventually joined.

He later came back to Everton for a short time and will always be a fans favourite at Goodison Park.

Favourite Tommy Gravesen Moment: Seeing his face after he’d scored for Everton!

Nicknames: Mad Dog, Tommy G, Tommy

John Heitinga

John Heitinga came to Everton with a self confessed reputation as being a bit of a tough tacking defender and overall hard nut. He was played out of position at first and was expected to fit in were he was needed and although the Everton fans quickly took to him they soon became irritated by the constant sound bites coming from Heitinga quoting his desire to leave Everton.

This has mostly now been forgot and his displays for Everton this season has been outstanding at centre back, changing fans opinions on him and the perception that he was a defensive midfielder who could only maybe come in for Jags or Distin if they were injured.

Johnny always comes to applaud the fans at the end of the match who duly sing his name in appreciation of him and the way he performs for Everton.

Click here for a full profile of John Heitinga

Favourite Johnny Moment: Hopefully still to come!

Favourite Song: Oh Johnny Johnny! Johnny, Johnny, Johnny Johnny Heitinga!


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