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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Fanbase and Traditions

Everton have a large and loyal fan base and have traditionally gained much of their support from the Merseyside area but have fans right across the country and beyond.

There are many terms used to refer to an Everton fan such as Evertonian, Blue Nose and Toffee.

Everton have always had loyal fans who follow there team everywhere through thick and thin.

A number of Everton’s fans are not vastly well off and live there lives from week to week however this never stops them turning up in numbers to support their team both at home and away.

Some people believed that Everton were a catholic team years ago however these days this is not the case.

Everton did and still do have strong support from the Scotland Road area of Liverpool which many years ago was predominately a catholic area and also in the 1950’s had many Irish players in the team.

Everton regularly attract a home attendance of over 30,000 despite the high ticket prices and the lure of the other lot from across Stanley Park.

The Gwladys Street stand has traditionally always been where the most loyal and noisy Everton fans have sat. Many managers such as Arsene Wenger, Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho have commented on the tremendous atmosphere made by the Everton fans when the place has really been rocking.

Many fans in the Gwladys street like Everton to kick towards them in the second half of the match.
One of the lost traditions on Merseyside is the Football Echo. The Football Echo or The Pink as it was affectionately known.

It was printed by The Liverpool Echo on a Saturday night and fans would go to their local newsagent after that Saturdays games and check all the other results, league standings as well as write ups and analysis on various football matters.

With the internet and what have you it was only a matter of time before the Footie Echo disappeared with fans now able to go online instantly after and during the game to see the latest goings on.

The Liverpool Echo has had a pullout of the Pink inside their Saturday edition but it’s just not the same.

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