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Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Toffee Lady

The Toffee Lady tradition in which a girl walks around the perimeter of the pitch before the start of a game tossing free Everton Mints into the crowd symbolises the connection.

Another possible reason is that there was a house named Ye Anciente Everton Toffee House in nearby Village Street, Everton, run by Ma Bushell.

The toffee house was located near the Queen's Head hotel in which early club meetings took place.

Changy The Elephant
Changy the elephant is Everton’s current mascot in collaboration with sponsors Chang Beer.

He is called Changy because of the sponsors name and also because the word Chang is the Thai word for Elephant.

Changy is or was available to buy in the form of cuddly toys and other merchandise available from the club shops and has also starred in somewhat cringe worthy halftime game that was played on the scoreboard involving supporters using their mobile phone to help Changy battle against opponents mascots.

The Mystery Of Dixie?

Dixie the mascot was brought in during the 1990’s during Peter Johnson’s reign as Everton chairman during a period when football club’s mascots were becoming prominent. Manchester United had Fred the Red; Sheffield Wednesday had a pair of owls whilst West Ham had Herbie the Hammer and so on!

Dixie the mascot was never really a hit with the Everton fans but to be truthful despite taking his name from Everton Legend Dixie Dean. Dixie the mascot that is was soon went mysteriously missing and so that was that, but what did happen to Dixie the mascot? chance to grow and he mysteriously went missing. Do you know where Dixie is now?


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