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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Visiting Supporters Only

The visiting supporters at Goodison Park are located in the far corner nearest the Park End of the Bullens Road stand.

Visiting clubs can choose whether they wish to take a ticket allocation of just the lower tier or the upper tier of the stand too depending on that clubs support.

Most clubs tend to take just the lower tier of the allocation with mainly the larger clubs with a bigger following opting to take the upper tier as well.

This said many so called smaller teams have taken their full allocation over the years while bigger clubs such as Chelsea have failed to sell out theirs!

The capacity of the visiting section is say around 3,000 if the full allocation is taken or just over half that if the clubs only takes the lower tier of seating.

The view from the upper and lower section of this stand is decent as long as your not under the rafters at the back of the Bullens Road lower tier which is partially obstructed by pillars.

There is disabled access and seating at the front of the Bullens Road for visiting supporters.

For more information about how to get to Goodison Park check out our page on How To Get There


  1. A little bit about the Goodison Name

  2. My name is Jacky Goodison from Gouverneur New York in the USA.. Looking for other Goodison family members


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