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Friday, 16 March 2012

Fans View of Everton vs Sunderland FA Cup Quarter Final

As Everton prepare to take on Sunderland in the cup this Saturday, we asked Sunderland fan Tom (54) for his views on the FA Cup Quarter Final match.

We Love You Everton As a big Sunderland fan will you be up at Goodison tomorrow for the cup game

Tom (Sunderland) No sadly can’t make it for this one sadly

We Love You Everton Sunderland are certainly bringing some good support down to Goodison though, you could have sold twice the amount

Tom (Sunderland) Yes I think it’s about four thousand or more Mackems who will be there

We Love You Everton Yes you’re allowed more away fans for the FA Cup so should be good atmosphere. How often do you get to watch Sunderland?

Tom (Sunderland) I see them now and again but not as much as I’d like. The match is on telly though

We Love You Everton Yeah, not fan of early kick offs. Your fans will have to get up to Goodison handy but you always bring good support

Tom (Sunderland) We’re one of the best supported teams in the Premiership

We Love You Everton Sunderland a have a fairly good support yeah. We have good record at Goodison against you recently so fairly confident, but I wouldn’t fancy our chances as much up at your place in a midweek game if goes to replay

Tom (Sunderland) We’re playing well at moment so I don’t know

We Love You Everton Who's your danger man at moment, glad Cattermole and Sessegnon are both out!

Tom (Sunderland) David Vaughan and Craig Gardner have both stood out this season for us and are vastly underrated

We Love You Everton Gardner looks dangerous, not sure if you will worry us too much upfront with Bendtner and Campbell but you never know in the cup

Tom (Sunderland) Well I hope Bendtner is fit for us; he’s class when he is

We Love You Everton For all I slag him off, he's the kind of players who’s always likely to score against Everton so I shouldn’t mock him too much! Will you be trying to get down Wembley for semi final if you win or watch it on telly?

Tom (Sunderland) I’ll go to the final lol

We Love You Everton Do you like semi's being at Wembley, kinda wrecks it for if u get final. I think anyway

Tom (Sunderland) It doesn’t bother me at all

 We Love You Everton Martin O’Neill looks to be doing a great job for you so far doesn’t he

Tom (Sunderland) Yes. He’s a great manager who has a love for Sunderland

We Love You Everton What’s your prediction for the game then

Tom (Sunderland) I think it will be either a draw or we will win 2-1!

We Love You Everton Good to chat with you and good luck for the rest of the season


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