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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Talking Points (November 2012)

Q. Is Seamus Coleman our best option at right back?

A. Seamus initially broke into the Everton team in a blaze of thunder and his attacking style and determination made him a big favourite with a lot of Everton fans. Defensively I think Tony Hibbert and Phil Neville still have the edge on him but what he offers going forward makes up for that. He has been caught out on a number of occasions this season defensively but Moyes may find it tricky to accommodate him further up the pitch therefore continuing to play him at right back. Hopefully game time at right back with improve him but ultimately his position could be further up the pitch despite David Moyes probably seeing him as a right back maybe.

Q. Is Leon Osman England Class?

A. Everton fans know what Ossie is all about and technically he is far superior to most. Most people would put one or two players ahead of him no doubt but he is more than capable of doing a job for England, even if it's only as a bit part player. His consistency and reliability for Everton are sometimes taken for granted by Evertonians, however when he doesn't play we really do miss him. Personally I would have liked to have seen him play a bit wider at times for England.

Q. Should Tim Cahill come back to Everton on loan?

A. Tim Cahill has been phenomenal for Everton and it would be nice to give him the goodbye he deserves. Sadly there is no time for sentiment in football and his return could depend on whether the manager thinks he can still do a job. A role as an impact substitute or playing the odd game here and there may be all that's on offer to Tim but I'm sure many fans would be made up to see him back for a short while!

Q. Is Ross Barkley ready to be thrown into the first team?

A. In my opinion David Moyes should take great pride in the way he has assisted Ross Barkley's development. The Wavertree youngster had some real knock backs with injuries and such a few years back and it may have been tempting for Moyes to throw him straight into the first team once he was fit. Moyes decided Ross needed to play with players his own age and develop at his own pace and a loan to Sheffield Wednesday this year will no doubt of helped his development as well. Injuries and such may dictate whether Barkley is to be thrown into the team at the moment but it does seem time to throw the midfielder in, especially with all the injuries we have at moment. I think he will gradually be given regular first team football in the next year or two but Moyes may still be a bit uneasy about throwing him in right away so don't get too excited!

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