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Friday, 11 November 2011

Leonard Rossiter

Leonard Rossiter was born in Wavertree, Liverpool on 21st October 1926 not too far away from Everton’s Goodison Park stadium.

He went on to forge a successful acting career probably best known for his roles as Rigsby, in the British comedy television series Rising Damp and Reginald Perrin, in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.

As a youngster apart from acting Leonard had a passion for football and cricket and it was football which he excelled at. He was a fast forward and surprisingly had a prolific goal scoring record.

When England won the World Cup in 1966, he and Mum leapt about in such joyous celebration that they brought down the ceiling light in the flat below.

Leonard was a big Everton fan and his favourite Everton player was Tommy Lawton who he mentions in Rising Damp and it wasn’t long before scouts began to watch him including those at Everton.

At the time though Leonard was at grammar school and it was accepted in those days that grammar school boys didn’t sign football contracts.

Despite one dream falling by the wayside Leonard went on to carve out a marvellous career as an actor but still retained his love for the beautiful game.

He used to see half of Wolverhampton Wanderers' matches at Molineux captained by Wolves legend Billy Wright, before racing back to The Grand theatre to work.

He played in charity cricket matches and was furious when he was dismissed. He joined the Chelsea Casuals, a mix of actors and writers who would play football in Hyde Park at the weekend.

Leonard always looked out for Everton’s result when he was able to and a win for Everton or a test victory for the England cricket team would mean the world to him.


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