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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Would David Moyes Ever Leave Everton?

It’s now over 10 years since David Moyes took the helm as manager of Everton and his reputation for getting the best out of his team with a tight if practically non existent budget has made him one of the most sought after managers in the league.

Would Moyes leave Everton? When questioned he remains relatively tight-lipped on the subject but admits that he is flattered by the speculation which is fitting recognition of the job he has done here at Everton.

There are not many teams that could tempt Moyes away from Everton were he is happy enough, has an excellent relationship with his chairman Bill Kenwright and is loved by the majority of fans.

Long term the lure of possibly Glasgow Celtic who Moyes is passionate about is obviously a possible destination as is the national team manager's job but to leave Everton at this moment in time for Scotland seems unlikely.

Tottenham Hotspur is a tricky one because no matter what people might say the size of club in comparison with Everton is not much different but there is the financial clout they could offer and the chance for Moyes to put his stamp on a team whilst adding the quality he has longed for.

Manchester United is the main threat to keeping David Moyes at Everton and possibly the most likely as he would be deemed a worthy long term successor to Sir Alex Ferguson and not just a big name quick fix such as Mourinho or Guardiola.

It’s suspicious the amount of superlatives Moyes has received in recent seasons from down Mancunian way from Ferguson and the need to publicly repair the relationship between Moyes and Rooney not to mention the number of United players arriving at Goodison. Obviously there is no substance to my suspicions but it all has a feeling of buttering up Moyes to take the reigns when Ferguson finally takes a backseat role at Old Trafford.

No matter what happens in the future Evertonians will always have total respect for David Moyes and if he leaves they will reluctantly let him go with their blessing.

Moyes has past said the grass is not always greener and would never disrespect Everton so if he ever did leave Everton it would take something very special because Everton is and always will be a special club.

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