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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Everton Legend Gordon West Dies At The Age Of 69

Everton legend Gordon West had died at the age of 69. He passed away peacefully on Sunday following a long battle with illness.

The former Blues goalkeeper was regarded as one of the Everton greats and was possibly with the exception of Neville Southall the best goalkeeper our club has ever had.

Many fans Dads and Granddad’s often reminisce about Westy’s performances and antics in the Everton Goal. There is a pride in the voice of Evertonians when they talk about him.

He played over 400 times for Everton and his Goodison Honours included winning the league twice as well as an FA Cup win in 1966.

In his later life he was a big supporter of The Everton layers Foundation and could often be seen at one of their events talking Everton.

“I sit in this room and I know I am surrounded by Evertonians because you are all beautiful people. Kopites are all ugly bastards aren't they.“
 - Gordon West RIP

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