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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Talking Points (January 2013)

Q. Will Everton be busy this transfer window?

Hopefully David Moyes will add one or two addition albeit probably just on loan, but a lot depends on whether other players leave and free up a small bit of money for the manager to play with. At the moment everything seems pretty quiet so I wouldn't expect too much to happen, not at least until the end of the transfer window when a last minute bargain could be had!

Q. Is Seamus Coleman our best potential new right back or should he be in midfield?

Seamus has always been a right back and if you asked him then he would probably say he's a right back but with his surging runs forward it's easy to be tempted to throw him in at right mid. He is already ahead of Neville in the pecking order for the right back berth and with Tony Hibbert out for so long he now has the chance to make the position his own. For those who worry about Coleman being restricted in defence then they need only look as far as Leighton Baines, the left back is always forward supporting perhaps orchestrating the attacks so with the right support then Coleman could look to same on a regular basis. Teams are now used to us gong down the left so Coleman on the right gives us another option, it will be particularly interesting once Mirallas comes back which will enable Moyes to unleash both him and Pienaar!

Q. Is Jelavic running out of steam?

Jelavic has looked tired this season and possibly needs more support. Jelavic seems to play better on the floor and so far he has only had Fellaini flicking on headers and Anichebe etc and Jelavic looks constantly frustrated as he is being out muscled in the air by defenders. When he has had a chance to run at defences his eagerness has resulted in him being offside on too many occasions already this season which must add to his frustration. A new forward to support Jelavic or even come in for him sometimes but be good in a perfect world, however that might not be possible. Scoring goals again will ultimately be the key for Jela so the sooner he starts scoring the better.

Q. Has Victor Anichebe improved?

Victor looks a changed man to recent seasons and his attitude and general persona is very refreshing. Ultimately Anichebe should be playing more central, however he has showed he can do a job out wide when needed. His game to goal ratio must be up there with the best this year and he has showed he knows were the net is. Moyes must know of all the attributes Anichebe has in his locker, therefore it's nice to see him finally starting to show us fans some of what he is capable of!


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