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Monday, 1 April 2013

If Moyes Did Leave???

If David Moyes did leave Everton this summer then if would be likely that the powers that be would look for a manager who could continue Moyes good work.

At the moment there doesn't seem to be a load of candidates out there who would get many Everton fans excited.

The name that keeps cropping up is Roberto Martinez and it would be the easy option in a way. A young manager who plays good, exciting attacking football and someone who builds his team up year on year and keeps getting the best out of his players.

Personally I think he's the best of a bad bunch of managers linked, but it maybe the best we can hope for! I cant see us appointing from within, with the only real viable candidates there being Steve Round or Alan Stubbs.

Round is a decent enough assistant and while Stubbs has impressed managing the reserves he lacks the experience needed to be the manager of Everton F.C for now anyway.

Duncan Ferguson's destiny could be to manage Everton but while his time will come it's unlikely that the board will take a chance on the big man.

Is Moyes hoping to get the Man Utd job in a year or so? If he is then it's a big gamble for him to pin his hopes on getting it but maybe the reason behind him possibly taking a year out or just signing a new one year deal at Everton.

Most Everton regulars will know Moyes's faults but personally I see progress each year despite the precarious position we are in financially and in terms or being able to do up or move to a new stadium.

I suppose what I'm trying to get at is that while Moyes may not be perfect, I don't think at this moment in time there is a better man out there to take Everton forward.


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