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Friday, 3 May 2013

New Everton Badge

Everton look set to change their historic club crest in time for the start of the 2013-14 season.

The alleged crest is rumoured to have been trademarked and leaked images of the alleged new crest on Everton related paraphernalia has sparked widespread anger and discussion amongst Evertonians.

Reasons for the possible change could be to do with merchandise similar to when Arsenal changed their crest. At the time the Gunners sought a cleaner modern looking logo that they could trademark and have the rights for, unlike their old crest.

Everton updated their crest just over a decade ago by adding the founding date of the club "1878" and the name of the club "Everton" underneath. Even that wasn't to everybody's taste but it was subtle and most fans were happy.

However now no consultation has been made by Everton to see what fans think about changing the crest and if it is changed for next season then it's obviously too late to do much about it as all the kits and merchandise etc will be in place already.

Above is a picture of the new logo alongside the current logo and a quickly knocked up possible alternative badge that would keep the motto and the laurels.

The dropping of the motto is sad but in the past the club has used it on programmes and such but not on the kit, but to drop it altogether leaves a sour taste and maybe nothing but the best inst good enough any more!


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