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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Questions About Everton's New Manager Roberto Martínez?

Is Roberto Martínez the right manager for Everton?
Roberto comes across as a good man and his charm and personality is infectious, however he still has a lot of work to do to convince many Evertonians and the hard work starts here. Everton fans will now back him 100% but in truth he was maybe the best of small pool of managers available.

What can Evertonians expect from the new gaffer?
Certainly at Wigan he liked to set up his side in a 3-4-3 formation which would excite many Evertonians although many are worried we could then become much more vulnerable at the back. Martínez has said however that he wishes to continue David Moyes own footballing philosophy but would also like to put his stamp on the team too. So maybe we can expect more a gradual change in footballing style rather than a vast grand overhaul straight away.

What kind of players will he sign?
Who knows! Ideally someone like Phil Neville who could play both in defence and in midfield would be a useful addition but personally I would like to see Everton improve their attacking options, to be more precise sign a decent forward! If Fellaini did go which now seems to be gathering momentum then it's easy to think he might look at going back to Wigan for someone like James McCarthy or Shaun Maloney, although Dave Whelan does drive a hard bargain and we could well see Martínez using his extensive football knowledge to bring in cheaper players from the continent.

Will he bring in his own staff?
Martínez has already stated he will bring in many of his coaching staff fro Wigan but admits he will assess and speak with current staff members before doing so. Many Everton fans would like to see most of the contingent of former players who are working in various roles (such as youth team coaches) kept on as part of the new management structure.

What are his aims for next season?
Chairman Bill Kenwright has already stated in jocular fashion that he want Roberto Martínez to get us back into the Champions League! That was slightly tongue in cheek but ultimately that is were we want to be and Martínez will be looking to build a team capable of reaching those heights. Realistically consolidation in light of the big spenders around us and gradual progress would be success next season, along with maybe a good run in the cup!


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