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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

We Cannot Be Embarrassed Like That To Them Ever Again!

We cannot let ourselves be embarrassed like that to them ever again!

I grew up watching Everton videos of our past glories and Wembley victories, however that was always tainted by them defeats to Liverpool with Rush etc scoring for them.

The semi final was a chance to put that right and in the end we were just not resilient enough to slay Liverpool therefore another generations of Evertonians will have the memory of them doing us at Wembley again in their minds.

Everton went with a team I think most fans expected and we started well and after we scored we always looked to be sitting back and it was perhaps inevitable that Liverpool would break through in the end. Once they did then they had the momentum and quality to finish us off.

Those who say Moyes got his tactics wrong could be right but it could well have been just as dangerous to keep going at them as they’re always dangerous on the break and let’s not forget that we did have a few chances of our own.

After they scored near the end then it was surreal and the time seemed to go so quick then as the Everton fans started to exit the stadium.

Distin has been immense all season although but with his ageing legs and his recent obsession with trying to make it hard for himself instead of keeping it simple then it wasn’t a big surprise that he would eventually mess up.

It will be hard for him to come back from this but in time he will, but its sad that this game is what he will probably most be remembered for now.

Going back into London after the game was horrible, being sandwiched in with Southern speaking Liverpool fans was like hell on earth, especially when they started singing “Lets all laugh at Everton”.

We must get the quality in the summer to make the difference in the future; because we haven’t got a bad team we just need that bit of quality. A Pienaar could of made the difference against them and we must whatever you think of him try to sign him permanently in the summer now.

Its days after the game now and I’m still hurting from it which is stupid but we have to make sure that this can’t happen for another generation of blues. I’m a supporter of Bill Kenwright but we need to find that quality and we need to find investment and we can’t keep dillydallying about forever, we need it now!

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